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We live in a mad world.

But the madness doesn't just exist outside of us--it also lives within us: the raw energy we expend on managing our daily stress, the wasted energy we spend on living in the past, the creative and innovative wave of energy that splashes over us with new ideas to expand our minds. Our Aha Moments.

I call all of this energy madness.

Madness is a duality; a word that covers everything from chaos to hidden genius; with implications for both innovation and mental health. 

Introducing... Master The Madness,
 a new transformative program I created, centered on diminishing the programming that holds you back, expanding your mind by tapping into your creative power and integrating the cognitive and creative centers of your mind for generating new ideas, creative problem-solving and building a life of passion and reinvention.

Don’t cure your madness; identify it, explore it and transform this energy to uncover and unlock your originality and greatness!

Hi! I'm Reef.

My mission in life is to help you decrease your stress, expand your mind and open up your world to more connection and opportunity. 

As a neuroscientist, mental health physician and performing artist, I’ve built an innovative platform that integrates and expands both sides of our brain; the cognitive and the creative.

I currently coach, speak and share this message in television media, podcasts and on live stages.  

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Thought Leader On Human Behavior


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Dan Amen 

CEO, Brain MD, Amen Clinics;
10x New York Times Best Selling Author

“Dr. Reef Karim has the extremely rare combination of respected & accomplished physician and talented creative artist; he rapidly transforms lives.”

Eric Roberts

Academy Award Nominated Actor

“Reef Karim will massively expand your creative power. He’s a spiritual wise man and a creative genius”

Mel Johnson Jr. 

Broadway Actor, Former Creative Director: Imagination Workshop

“I’ve watched him help countless numbers of people overcome their limitations to find their original voice, purpose, confidence and courage to lead more meaningful and inspired lives.”

Gabor Mate

Internationally Recognized Physician, Healer, Order of Canada Recipient

“Reef Karim is a man of deep originality who employs an innovative mindset grounded in science, with creative prowess, to deeply change lives”.

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