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My Open Letter to You

We live in a crowded, over-stimulated, pressure filled, and media-crazed culture. Where it's so easy to feel hidden, feel invisible.

Where it's so easy to fall prey to the pressures of conformity, impression management, corporate influence, and living for others. 

Where the personal development industry has blown up because people are actively looking for insight, wisdom, and answers to elevate their human experience. 

To find more meaning.
To feel inspired & empowered
To feel more passion & purpose.
To get out of our own way.

This is what I have dedicated my life to. 

In my work as a humanistic psychiatrist and transformational scientist, I held prestigious academic titles at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience for over a decade. I had the opportunity to publish in well-known peer reviewed medical journals. I founded, operated, and exited a high end mental health center in Beverly Hills, California. I've worked with everyone from A-list actors, rock stars, royalty, and well-known politicians, to the most disenfranchised homeless and incarcerated individuals, helping all of them to overcome their blocks and resistance and elevate their human experience.  

Why do I tell you this?
Because I learned the system.

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To receive ongoing wisdom and practical take-aways on how to live a more meaningful, passionate, and prosperous life through personal discovery, personal branding, shifting your energy, and tapping into the Mad Genius in you.

The Madness Movement is centered on embracing your madness; what makes you different, your experiences, your challenges, your curiosity, your innate abilities, your distinction and originality.


In a world filled with negative influence and massive pressure to conform, we need to be constantly reminded how to lead a more meaningful and passionate life for more influence, impact, and authenticity, to become who we are meant to be.

Twice a month, I share information, experiences, techniques, and tips from psychology, advertising, neuroscience, existentialism, entertainment, and pop culture, to help you elevate the human experience.  

Hi! I'm Reef.

My mission in life is to help you discover more passion and meaning, expand creative vision, shift energy, and learn the skills to open up your world to more connection and opportunity. 

As a humanistic psychiatrist, transformational scientist, storytelling strategist, and performing artist myself,  I’ve built a platform that integrates and expands who you are and what inspires and empowers you; a deep dive into personal discovery and the skill building of authentic expression and personal branding. 

I currently advise experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals how to tell their story to emotionally move people to take action; to join, follow, subscribe, buy and believe in you.  You'll be seen as a disruptive and distinctive thought leader in your industry and shine on videos, stages, podcasts, interviews, television appearances, and social media.  





As Featured In...



Gabor Mate

Internationally Recognized Physician, Healer, Order of Canada Recipient

“Reef Karim is a man of deep originality who employs an innovative mindset grounded in science, with creative prowess, to deeply change lives”.

Dan Amen 

CEO, Brain MD, Amen Clinics;
10x New York Times Best Selling Author

“Dr. Reef Karim has the extremely rare combination of respected & accomplished physician and talented creative artist; he rapidly transforms lives.”

Eric Roberts

Academy Award Nominated Actor

 “Reef Karim will massively expand your creative power. He’s a spiritual wise man and a creative genius”

Mel Johnson Jr. 

Broadway Actor, Former Creative Director: Imagination Workshop

“I’ve watched him help countless numbers of people overcome their limitations to find their original voice, purpose, confidence and courage to lead more meaningful and inspired lives.”


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