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What Masterpiece is Waiting Inside Your Mind?


Imagine what you could accomplish if you were fully connected to your creative energy. 

How would you express yourself if you were free of stagnant mental conditioning?

Your Masterpiece is Your Big Idea


What is your masterpiece? The big idea that makes you come alive? Your truth.

An idea so groundbreaking, it could transform your career, your industry or even the world.

Much of creative innovation and personal growth is taught in a vacuum. In the Mad Genius Incubator, we have you select the meaningful project you’ve always wanted to do and bring it center stage so you see tangible results.

So many people feel inspired to bring something new to the world but don’t know how to do it; how to generate new ideas, prioritize the idea, activate the idea and lead with the energy and courage to share the idea with the world.

That stops now. It’s time. People are waiting for your idea to come to life

The Mad Genius Incubator is the Ultimate Launching Pad For…

Welcome to the Mad Genius Incubator


This is the Mad Genius Incubator.

It’s a 60-day program designed by Dr. Reef Karim, a double board-certified psychiatrist and stage-and-screen performing artist, that is focused on mental clarity, creative exploration and the application of divergent thinking to create success in your chosen enterprise.

The incubator blends the best from neuroscience, performance techniques, psychology and business strategy to help you expand your mind and develop a tangible project originating from your unique vantage point (your point of view informed by your training, personal experiences, background and vision).

What is a Mad Genius?

A Mad Genius is somebody whose thinking is so out there, so different, so new . . . that they just might change the world. 

They see life through the lens of novelty and originality and have the rare combination of creative skills, business acumen, and dual awareness to activate their ideas and bring their greatest work to reality. 

Unlike people who are stuck in conformity thinking, the Mad Genius carries the energy of innovation and walks with infectious courage. Their very presence is charged with inspiration. They have the strength to be authentic, the energy to generate new ideas, and the clarity to develop those ideas into products that move the world forward.

It’s the out of the box, different, new perspective, imaginative thinkers and leaders who come up with new and better ways of doing things. 

This Program Is Based On The Theory of Madness

The Mad Genius Incubator is based on Dr. Reef Karim’s Theory of Madness.

Madness is the essential raw energy that powers our minds, a true duality, as the same energy can lead you in a negative direction when that energy is wasted on chaos, conditioning, and conformity; or it can be harnessed in a positive direction when that energy is leveraged for creativity and originality.

Our success is dictated by how we manage this same innate energy, the individual in a state of mad genius is someone who has made the shift to original creative leadership by harnessing the energy within them and focusing it toward invention and innovation.

Reaching this level doesn’t happen automatically or overnight. It happens when you make the choice and have the ability to clear out your obstacles, make space in your mind for creative and expansive thought, move past old thinking, and choose to enter a state of mind that is neurobiologically set for expansion. 

“Apple said it. And I’ll say it. As a psychiatrist who’s studied the crazy and chaotic, and as a performing artist who’s studied the imaginative and original, I can tell you with full certainty that it is absolutely possible to TRAIN to think more imaginatively. To live your professional life and personal life with more creativity. With more innovation.”


- Dr. Reef Karim

Why is this needed right now?

 stress | overstimulation | conformity thinking | digital toxicity 

It’s no secret that highly successful people are better able to generate new ideas, get out of their own way, break patterns of limitation, make good decisions and differentiate from others.

Yet so many entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives spend countless hours, days, weeks, years, even decades, trying to separate themselves from the pack and think differently.

These are challenging times. There is an all-pervasive pulse of anxiety and overstimulation running in the background of every moment, like a soundtrack to your life. Not only because we are in the midst of a biological pandemic with economic uncertainty but also because we are living in a time of unprecedented stress due to the infinite supply of distractions competing for our attention leaving many people feeling unproductive and not performing even close to the level they know they can.

We are so preoccupied with stress that we're missing out on the wealth of creativity and originality that lies deep within. This is the time for originality and inventiveness to improve not only our own lives but the world around us, to combat the conditioning for conformity that we find ourselves up against.

The Mad Genius Incubator will help you get unstuck by teaching you principles, techniques and insights to gain mental clarity, utilize the power of creative disruption and develop a more integrated mind. We live in a mad world. And the choice is yours. Whether you devote the energy inside of you towards chaos, conditioning, and overwhelm . . . or toward creativity, originality, and ingenuity.

Want to Explore Your Mad Genius?

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Who is this for?

Whether your mission is to build a company or non-profit, invent something in your profession, or express yourself creatively, engaging in the Mad Genius Incubator will give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

You’ll be pushing the boundaries of your industry with new ideas and solutions.

But the fact is creativity and innovation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. This training is about helping you enter the state of mind from which your most inventive solutions will emerge.

This is why the Mad Genius Incubator is focused on the integration of your mind experientially through a meaningful project. No matter where you’re coming from, entrepreneur, executive or creative, you will experience an upgrade.

The people most connected to our work tend to fall into these four categories:

Forward Thinking Entrepreneurs

Speakers Looking To Upgrade Performance Skills

High Performing Professionals

Creative Artists Looking To Build A Business Around Talent

Case study #1: 

We advised a business leader, working as an executive in a large corporation, to train his mind for expansive idea generation to bring cutting edge ideas to his industry (through the predicted activation of his default network)

Case study #2 : 

We assisted a music producer to gain more awareness, clarity and the ability to execute on her ideas so she could stay on task and on deadline (through predicted heightened control of her brain’s executive network)

The Mind is Often Misunderstood

Creative disruption has never been more important or in-demand than it is right now. It’s such a hot topic to become more inventive, creative, and original; and yet the ways to do so are severely misunderstood. You’ve probably heard many theories of how the mind works; some of which are only partly true or oversimplifications.


There’s been an idea floating around for decades that we only use 10% of our mind. I’m sure you’ve seen one of the many movies about this. This is not true. We use our entire mind. When we are lacking in performance, productivity, and effectiveness it’s because we are not using our mind in a way that is integrated and connected.



But that doesn’t mean our brains are divided into specific territories of the right brain for creative thinking and the left brain for logical thinking. That’s another myth. But what is true is that we need to better engage our minds’ neural networks to get the results we’re looking for. For example, there are three primary networks relevant to innovation and you need all three to execute on a great idea. There is the default network that generates ideas, the salience network that prioritizes the best ideas, and the executive network that takes focused action on those best ideas. 



Another popular concept is the state of flow, or the experience of total effortless engagement. It’s a great feeling, but it’s only part of the story. What’s rarely discussed is the mental preparation needed to remove the obstacles, blocks and the areas of depletion that prevent you from accessing the energy of flow. And to sustain effortless energy, you need to be well connected to your creativity and for that flow to be meaningful, you need a deep exploration of your originality. Otherwise it’s just a good feeling that subsides quickly or doesn’t produce a tangible result. 

This is why Dr. Reef Karim came up with the Theory of Madness. Unlike flow, our raw madness energy isn’t an idealized state of perfection. But it’s also not inherently negative. It’s raw and it’s real and yes, it can be shifted toward creativity and originality to envision something new; a new job, a new idea, a new life. But, that same energy can be completely consumed by worry, neuroticism, chaos, fear, pain, self sabotage, living in the past and living our life for others. 

When we’ve shifted our madness energy, mustered the courage and developed a more integrated and expanded mind, then we have something bigger than flow, for then we have entered the state of mad genius, where we find meaningful discoveries and energetic transformation in a way we’ve never experienced before.  

The Neuroscience of
Creativity and High Performance


When seeking high performance and creative disruption, it’s important to know some primary concepts. We’ll go over the neuroscience of creativity, originality & high performance in the mad genius incubator but here are two key concepts to know:

The Three Neural Networks of Creativity & Innovation


Our ability to be more creative and impactful doesn’t come from accessing a higher percentage of our mind (as if a whole section of it was shut off), it comes from connecting more of our mind; of integrating our neural networks.

We have a spider web of neural networks in our mind and it’s complicated. But when specifically looking at how we generate new ideas, Neuroimaging research reveals three important networks for imagination, creativity and innovation.

Our default network helps us connect the dots and generate new ideas

Our salience network helps us prioritize these ideas to decide which ideas are good, have the most promise, and are important to act on.

Our executive network helps us build the system, the plan, the operations to execute these ideas.


Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive Flexibility is a very important concept for building a high performing mind, particularly in times of stress or uncertainty when our minds tend to function in a state of cognitive rigidity. Having a more flexible and agile mind, where we are better able to shift ideas, creatively problem solve and see beyond the first concrete solution, is imperative to moving past old thinking and generating ideas that move the world forward.

What Results Are Possible?


A total shift in your energy toward your individual state of genius.

You’ll learn to access the power of mental clarity, creative exploration and divergent thinking for a more successful life. 

The 3 Pillars
of the Program

Creativity | Neuroscience | Business




“You have to be a little mad to change the world. To discover your genius, you must first explore your madness.”


The negative outcomes of not connecting to your creativity:

  • Mental Fatigue
  • Old Thinking
  • Stagnation
  • Conformity




“The Kryptonite to Inventive Thinking is Overstimulation.”


The negative outcomes of not connecting to and actively integrating your mind:

  • Overstimulation
  • Rigid Thinking
  • Cluttered Mind
  • Divided Attention




“The most successful people are not clones, they are originals.”


The negative outcomes of not repeatedly envisioning the next steps in your business:

  • Indecision
  • Diminished Revenue
  • Burnout
  • Disengagement

How Are You Using Your Energy?


We are exposed to unprecedented volumes of incoming stimuli these days, and it's draining us of the precious energy we need to change our lives.

It takes energy to filter, organize, and make decisions about the information coming at us, which means we don’t have the energy needed to envision something new and take action towards something greater.

Which leads to feeling stuck, doing the same thing over and over again.

The energy required to change your life is the same energy required to manage your life. You must be active in how you choose to utilize your energy.

In other words…

We need a small amount of energy to live.

We need much more energy to live the life we want.

We must learn to be mindful of where our energy is going to so we can conserve our raw madness energy to move it toward creativity & originality.

Who is Reef Karim?

My name is Reef Karim.

As a double board-certified medical physician specializing in human behavior, neuroscience, creativity, and addiction, and a performing artist, I am familiar with both the darkest corners and the creative potential of the mind.

I created the Mad Genius program because I know the pain of not maximizing your abilities, of feeling like there’s something missing but not knowing how to change it, of feeling like you’re wasting your time, energy and talent because you have all this potential but it’s not activated.

The concept is simple: Change the way you think to change the way you and your message are received. The ultimate power of transformation is not in your marketing, it’s in your mind.

“I could write you a prescription
but expanding your mind is way more effective.”

I first stumbled upon these Mad Genius principles in the midst of my own personal transformation. Once I saw how well it worked for me, I shared aspects of this method with private clients and patients at my treatment center. Once I saw drastic changes in them, I started sharing this concept on stages all over the world. 

I now help people leverage practical insights from neuroscience for mental clarity; teach creative performance techniques for expansion and message delivery and share elements of humanistic psychology to prime minds for original thinking.

The most successful leaders are not clones, they are originals.

It’s time for you to be seen and recognized for your abilities and unique perspective.

If you’re ready to let out your Mad Genius, I’m ready to show you how.

And now the standard “fancy pants” biography…


Rarely do you see a scientist and performing artist sharing the same stage, let alone the same mind. But Reef Karim is an academic by day and creative by night who specializes in connecting our cognitive and creative mind and teaches entrepreneurs, professionals and creative leaders the art of divergent thinking, creative disruption and originality activation for high performance in business and life. Reef founded The Theory of Madness and The Mad Genius Incubator, served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience for over a decade, published in prestigious medical journals and now speaks on stages all over the world. Reef’s innovative work has been profiled in Time, Forbes, Business Insider, and he’s been interviewed by Oprah, Larry King, Deepak Chopra, Anderson Cooper and many others. For his groundbreaking work in innovation, medicine and entertainment, Reef was voted one of LA’s Most Fascinating People and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive (hey, smart is sexy!) 

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Closing Argument From Reef


Along this route you may be misunderstood. You may be called crazy. People will tell you things like . . . “That will never work.” People really are very resistant to change. Stagnation is so comfortable. But deep down inside people want to be inspired. People want meaning. People want to be better. The Mad Genius has the courage to be different, to move beyond old thinking, to challenge the status quo, to be a forward thinker.

The world is waiting for your life’s work, but to get your desired result and contribution, you need to understand how the mind works and make the choice to upgrade your mind.

So many people strive to create something new but never activate it. That’s why I created this incubator program.

I help people shift their raw madness energy to think more like a Mad Genius.

Because more mad genius means more ideas, better products, more innovation and a world of more originality and more diversity of thought. That sounds like a better world to me.

Even if we don’t have the chance to work together, I wish you courage and creativity in your personal and professional journey.

If you're interested in learning more about this shift toward originality and creativity, click the button and schedule a call with me to learn more about

I would be honored to spend time with you.

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What Clients Are Saying About

Dr. Reef Karim & The Mad Genius Incubator

This is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s mind blowing. I have come to know the “real” me. I feel lighter and highly creative. After just a few months in the Mad Genius Incubator, I have accomplished what most people take many years to sift through and figure out. 

Jon Giese, Entrepreneur and CFO

When I first started working with Dr. Reef Karim and his Mad Genius program, my life was dominated and driven by insecurities, indecision, negativity, getting in my own way and being completely unsure of my future. And now I feel confident, successful, working in a job I love and engaged to a woman I love. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Sam Thomas, E-Commerce Director

In an every increasingly “pop psychology” world, Dr. Reef stands head and shoulders above the rest. He is a double-board certified physician, highly trained and highly experienced. He has built the Mad Genius philosophy for change and empowerment that absolutely works!

Stephanie Harmatz, Film/TV Production

Reef is like an emotional detective, expertly identifying my problematic behaviors with the precision of a behavioral surgeon. His real gift is his ability to really “see” people; to utilize his instincts, incredible training and clinical experiences to see the authentic person behind our defenses, to see our potential even when we don’t. In fact, I think he knows people better than they know themselves!

Sam Page, Elite Master Coach

Reef Karim is a creative genius and spiritual guide who conducts himself with humility and grace and leverages his tremendous knowledge to better people’s lives. 

Miranda Landfield, Masters Student

What Thought Leaders Are Saying About

Dr. Reef Karim & The Mad Genius Incubator

Dr. Reef Karim has the extremely rare combination of respected & accomplished physician and talented creative artist who utilizes his expertise and excellence in neuroscience, creativity and spirituality to rapidly transform lives.

Dan Amen, 5X New York Times Best-Selling Author and Highly Successful Entrepreneur

Reef is pure talent in every cell of his body and his ability to translate that talent and ability through science and business performance in his Mad Genius Incubator is so rare and incredibly powerful.

Mel Johnson, Broadway Actor

Reef Karim is a man of deep originality who employs an innovative mindset grounded in science, with creative prowess and transformative passion, to deeply change lives.

Gabor Mate, Best-Selling Author, Physician and Healer

Reef Karim will massively expand your creative power. He's a spiritual wise man and creative genius.

Eric Roberts, Academy Award Nominated Actor

What Colleagues Are Saying About

Dr. Reef Karim & The Mad Genius Incubator

Reef knows the mind – as a neuroscientist, a human behavior physician, and as a creative. He teaches high performance and purposeful discovery in a way I've never seen before.

Nicholas Sonnenberg, Serial Entrepreneur

You will get a significant ROI from your investment in learning from Dr. Reef Karim. More than anything else, Reef Karim cares about people and is impact-focused. Whatever title he carries, CEO, entrepreneur, advisor, or consultant, he knows how to build a more connected, creative, and innovative culture and how to expand the minds of executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Amy Fawcett, Operations and Strategic Planning

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