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How To Live Your Life By Design, Not By Default

How many times in the past few months have you entertained the thought, "I can't wait for things to go back to normal.” 

Well, I'm here to break the news that the old “normal”, as we knew it, is not going to return. But that's only natural. Evolution doesn't go backwards and, if you're honest with yourself, you don't want to go backwards either.

Times of transition, like right now, are the best times to initiate change. Download the "Design Your New Normal" guide to quiet the noise and simplify the steps required to put you back in the driver's seat of your life and intentionally design the life you want to live. 

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How To Live Your Life By Design, Not By Default

Our human conditioning has led us to living by default rather than by design. We wait for things to happen, for opportunity to randomly show up or for something “out there” to change the way we feel inside. In short, we’re waiting for permission to feel alive and live the life we've always wanted.

That ends now.

This revolutionary time can be used as a massive reboot to your system, if you choose to see it that way. The way you see your body, mind, occupation, relationships, finances...is all due for an upgrade.

Inside "Design Your New Normal" you will learn how to:

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I'm Dr. Reef Karim...

Maybe you’ve had some deep or crazy realizations about your life during the past few months - I know I have.

Before all of this, I was working as a doctor. Diagnosing people and prescribing medications.  Every. Single. Day.

And I realized, this is NOT what I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life. So I made some changes.

And it’s not that I’m now against pills or anything; I just think there’s more to helping people than numbing pain; I want to expand minds, help people overcome their limitations and interrupt cycles of self-sabotage.

I believe that you don’t need to be sick to heal and you don’t need to be small to grow.

Life becomes way more exciting when instead of wanting to “unsubscribe from 2020” you make the decision to evaluate your life and see things as they really are. A period of discomfort always comes before great change.

I wish you great insight as on your journey of personal transformation!

Who is Reef Karim?

Reef Karim packages practical wisdom, cutting edge science and hilarious storytelling to deliver powerful keynotes to audiences all over the world.

As a trusted source of information and inspiration on the human condition, Reef deploys his training, experience, research, street cred and performance skills to connect with, move and inspire audiences to generate new ideas, build creative confidence, gain a competitive advantage and grow and expand in relationships, business and life. 

World Renowned Leader In Human Behavior

“Reef Karim has treated a who’s who of celebrities, politicians and royalty” - Forbes

With a specialty in personal connection, mind expansion and overcoming self sabotage, Reef is an expert at “why we do what we do” and a global source of wisdom and information

Double Board Certified Psychiatric Physician

With board certifications in both psychiatry and addiction medicine, specialty training in cognitive neuroscience, academic titles and publications, he’s a highly trained expert in Mental Health.

Trusted Source of Cutting Edge Information and Research

Published researcher in prestigious peer reviewed medical and psychological journals, including the International Journal of Neuroscience, on the topics of human behavior and self sabotage.

Profiled and featured in many publications including: Time, Forbes, Business Insider, Oprah.com and many television shows including: Oprah, Larry King, CNN, ABC World News, Dr Oz, Today Show

International Expert on Creativity And Innovation

As a creative scientist and inventive thinker, he is advancing the fields of personal development, mental health and behavioral medicine with his innovative Master The Madness Program. 

As a professional actor, improv artist, comedian, dancer and writer, Reef doesn't just talk about creativity, he lives it.  

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How To Live Your Life By Design, Not By Default

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