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Want To Know The Secret Behind The World's Greatest Speakers & Sales People?

They know how to emotionally communicate to inspire their audience and prospects to take action. 

To work with you.
To buy from you.
To believe in you and your message

If you want to scale your business, disrupt your industry, elevate your presence...
And crush it on camera, stages, podcasts and live events with new-found skill and confidence.

Then It's Time To Enroll In Mad Genius Business Training


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Welcome To Mad Genius Business Training


The #1 skill business leaders need to amplify their visibility, revenue, and impact, is to learn the art and science of emotional communication.

You don't want people thinking of you and your message when they see you on ads, social media, stages and in meetings, you want them to FEEL your presence, and ENVISION your message, products and solutions working for them in their life.

There is an art to this that we will teach you.




Stop Presenting Information 
Start Deepening Your Connection

This is the secret to massive sales and being seen as a leader in your industry.

Welcome To The Madness


The #1 skill business leaders need to amplify their visibility, revenue, and impact, is the ability to emotionally move people on camera, stages, podcasts, meetings.

To join, follow, subscribe, buy, believe.

How do you do this?

Soulful Expression. Disruptive Messaging. Creative Confidence. Performance Training.

So Stop Presenting. And Start Performing

What is Reef Karim’s Mad Genius Accelerator & Mad Genius VIP Bootcamp?

The Mad Genius Accelerator is a 10-week immersive experience
in disruptive messaging, soulful distinction, performance training, audience engagement strategy and personal discovery for business leaders who want to upgrade their media skills, get more disruptive, and develop their distinction, to generate more visibility, sales, revenue, and impact.

If you want to stand out in your industry, get more well known, and develop the creative confidence to be captivating and highly memorable on social media, TED talks, podcasts, television media, and in meetings, this program is for you.

The Mad Genius VIP Bootcamp is a 3 day LIVE experience in Los Angeles where Dr. Reef and his Mad Genius coaches from the worlds of copywriting, hosting, improvisation and body/movement will train you, help you script your message, and then help you deliver and shoot your message in the form of an ad or brand video.  It is an incredibly powerful experience with high level takeaways, practical tips and an ad or brand video. 

Success comes NOT from getting the opportunity. That's only the first step...

Success comes from WHAT you say and HOW you say it. 

Don't waste your opportunities; learn the skills to crush your messaging, utilize media to expand your reach and massively expand your brand and business.

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When does the next
Mad Genius Accelerator



The next Mad Genius Accelerator is planned for June 2024. Enrollment starts April 10th, 2024 and ends at the end of May, 2024. If you are interested in the program, we highly suggest you secure your spot as we have a limited number of positions in each accelerator cycle.

Mad Genius Accelerator


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How much does the
Mad Genius Accelerator & Mad Genius Bootcamp cost?


The investment for the Mad Genius Accelerator and Mad Genius VIP Bootcamp is $9,997 USD for the intensive 10-week program or the three day LIVE Mad Genius Bootcamp experience where you'll train with the best in the business, massively upgrade your skills by learning insider secrets in messaging, media and communication and then script and shoot your video ad with top notch professionals guiding you the whole way. 

For Health & Wellness professionals, we offer special pricing. We also hold scholarships once a year. 

Current Disrupt Special Pricing until May 2024.  

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The Mad Genius Accelerator is the Ultimate Launching Pad For…

Who would benefit from
Mad Genius?

Whether your mission is to expand your media opportunities, grow your presence, develop creative confidence, build a company or non-profit, invent something in your profession, or express yourself creatively, engaging in the Mad Genius Accelerator will give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

You’ll be pushing the boundaries of your industry with new ideas and solutions, and the ability to deliver your message. 

This training is about helping you enter the state of mind from which your most inventive solutions and expression will emerge.

The people most connected to our work tend to fall into these four categories:



With a Rebellious Spirit


Upgrading Performance Skills


Reinventing Themselves

Creative Professionals

Building Business Around Talent

What Results Are Possible?


You’ll experience the energy and the explosion of ideas of the modern-day mad genius.

You will see growth in your creativity, courage, confidence and business. 

A total shift in energy toward your individual state of genius. 


The Three Pillars of the Mad Genius Program

Creativity | Science | Business

Who is Reef Karim?

My name is Reef Karim.

As a double board-certified medical physician specializing in human behavior, neuroscience, creativity, and addiction, and as a performing artist, I am familiar with both the darkest corners and creative potential of the mind.

I've felt unexpressed for much of my life, which led me on a quest to learn how to convey concepts, stories, and better solutions to an audience with full engagement through insider techniques in performance, scripting, and storytelling.

Because I never wanted to feel unexpressed again. 

I created the Mad Genius program because I know the pain of not maximizing your abilities, of feeling like a best kept secret, like there’s something missing but not knowing how to change it, of feeling like you’re wasting your time, energy and talent because you have all this potential but it’s not activated.

The concept is simple:  Experts and business leaders need to learn a new skill; the ability to emotionally connect with an audience in media as we now live in a media dominant world. The ultimate power of transforming others doesn't originate from your marketing, it comes from your presence, expression, and what you stand for. Can you capture the attention of your desired audience?

“I could write you a prescription
but expanding your mind is way more effective.”

I first stumbled upon these Mad Genius principles in the midst of my own personal transformation. Once I saw how well it worked for me, I shared aspects of this method with private clients and patients at my treatment center. Once I saw drastic changes in expression, inspiration, and skill in them, I started sharing this concept on stages all over the world. 

I now help people leverage practical insights from neuroscience to build mental clarity. My team and I teach creative performance techniques for brand expansion and message delivery. And we share elements of humanistic psychology to prime minds for distinction and original thinking; to differentiate from other leaders who do what you do.  It's all about distinction, disruption and performance. 

The most successful leaders are not clones, they are originals.

It’s time for you to be seen and recognized for your abilities and unique perspective.

If you’re ready to let out your Mad Genius, I’m ready to show you how.

And now the standard “fancy pants” biography…


Rarely do you see a scientist and performing artist sharing the same stage, let alone the same mind. But Reef Karim is an academic by day and creative by night who specializes in teaching business leaders the art and science of emotional communication to not just deliver information but to emotionally move their audience to take action in a short amount of time. This is the secret behind some of the world's greatest speakers and sales people. Reef took his background and experience in neuroscience, existential psychology, television hosting, feature film acting and advertising and created a program and methodology unlike any other. Reef founded the Mad Genius Method and the Mad Genius Accelerator and Mad Genius VIP Bootcamp; he served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience for over a decade, published in prestigious medical journals, and now speaks on stages all over the world. Reef’s innovative work has been profiled in Time, Forbes, Business Insider, Oprah.com and he’s been interviewed by Oprah, Larry King, Deepak Chopra, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz and many other media outlets. He's hosted multiple network television shows, acted in big feature films and performed improv and stand up comedy on stages all over. For his groundbreaking work in innovation, medicine and entertainment, Reef was voted one of LA’s Most Fascinating People and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive (hey, smart is sexy!) Dr Reef has helped business leaders and health and wellness professionals all over the world to increase their ad engagement, script and launch their TED talks, and massively expand their influence, impact and sales. 

I Want In

Closing Thoughts From Reef


I love helping leaders access their highest potential; to move through the mental clutter and pressures of conformity to come up with new and better ideas, and be able to share them in the most captivating and memorable way possible.

To truly engage and inspire an audience.

Now, along this journey you may be misunderstood. You may be questioned. You may be called crazy. 

People will tell you things like “that will never work” or "you don't need that skill" because most people are resistant to change. They don't have the calling that you do. Stagnation is much more comfortable than putting yourself out there. But deep down inside, most people want to be inspired. They want meaning. 

The Mad Genius has the courage to be different, to move beyond old thinking, to challenge the status quo, to be a forward thinker, to authentically perform their message to extend their reach.

The world is waiting for your life’s work, but to get your desired result and contribution, you need to learn how to connect to an audience through your creativity , originality, and expression, and then apply it to your business. 

Many people strive to create something new, but never act on it.

We all have Mad Genius in us. My team and I are dedicated to helping leaders shift their energy toward innovation, inspiration and expression; to awaken the modern-day Mad Genius in you.

Because more Mad Genius means more ideas, better products, more innovation, and a world filled with originality and diversity of thought. That sounds like a better world to me.

Even if we don’t have the chance to work together, I wish you courage and creativity in your personal and professional journey.

If you're interested in learning more about this shift toward originality and creativity, click the button and schedule a call with me or one my Mad Genius team to explore...

Your Mad Genius.

We would be honored to spend time with you.

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What Thought Leaders Are Saying About

Dr. Reef Karim & The Mad Genius Accelerator

Dr. Reef Karim has the extremely rare combination of respected & accomplished physician and talented creative artist who utilizes his expertise and excellence in neuroscience, creativity and spirituality to rapidly transform lives.

Dan Amen, 5X New York Times Best-Selling Author and Highly Successful Entrepreneur

Reef is pure talent in every cell of his body and his ability to translate that talent and ability through science and business performance in his Mad Genius Incubator is so rare and incredibly powerful.

Mel Johnson, Broadway Actor

Reef Karim is a man of deep originality who employs an innovative mindset grounded in science, with creative prowess and transformative passion, to deeply change lives.

Gabor Mate, Best-Selling Author, Physician and Healer

Reef Karim will massively expand your creative power. He's a spiritual wise man and creative genius.

Eric Roberts, Academy Award Nominated Actor